The Design Museum in Copenhagen

Last year I went to Copenhagen and I wanted to see the Design Museum. I was prevented for the most ridiculous reason: I couldn't get across the street! It turned out there was a Half Marathon going on, and what must have been the best part of all Danes took part. The stream of runners would not end. I stood for half an hour thinking "surely there MUST be an opening soon, so that I can run across." But the running crowd just got more and more dense. So I gave up, and started studying and drawing the runners instead. Below is the result.

This weekend, I was in Copenhagen again. And it turned out the Half Marathon was on again, on the very day I wanted to go to the Design Museum! But this time I outsmarted them, approached the Museum from an other part of town and made it all the way there!  

It was worth both the wait and the effort, the place was packed with the most amazing design objects. I may not be able to afford buying them, but it gave me great pleasure to draw a few of them. 

I was also amused to see that there was a section about slowness, a slow approach in the design process: "Slowness and careful contemplation are prerequsites for artistic design as well as for products of high perfection and longevity", while people were trying to beat their personal Half Marathon records on the streets outside. That being said: I enjoy both design and running, surely we need both slowness and speed! And I can enjoy the shapes of the runners too.

Hesitating on the First Page

For many years I let perfectionism rule my sketchbooks. If I started a new one and the first page didn’t look good, I would lose interest in the whole sketchbook. So then I started leaving the first page blank, to go back and draw something perfect later on. Sounds silly, but it helped me dive right in rather than hesitate on the first page. 

Gradually I got more free and now I am not at all precious about my sketchbooks. I draw every day, for all reasons. Mostly to remember thoughts and ideas, but also to keep drawing a natural and essential part of my life. 

But this blog … I realise I’m doing it again! I’m hesitating on the first page and I need to stop it NOW. I’ll start with a couple of photos of some of my sketchbooks. There’s been a few …


The Joy of a Brand New Sketchbook!

Hello!  My name is Kristin, I am an illustrator and picture book author. Sketchbooks are a big part of my job and my life, and I feel the same joy every time I start a new one. I always feel like telling someone! 

This is the start of a blog where I will share that joy with anybody who are interested. It will be a blog about keeping sketchbooks and journals, about developing ideas, about my working processes and about anything else that I find myself recording and making.

Hope you'll pop by from time to time!